Our Facilities

Food manufacturing operations possess design challenges that are unique to the food industry. Unlike most other facilities, food plants will endure physical and chemical abuse on a daily basis. The need to maintain a hygienic processing environment requires a facility that can be sanitized on a daily basis with harsh chemical cleaners and sanitizers. The temperature requirements often range from the extreme heat of hot processing and cooking to the below zero cooling of products and rooms. The multitude of food product handling equipment moving throughout the facility presents the opportunity for damage to floors and walls with every passing. We are proud to have built state of the art facilities for our products and hired highly experienced professional to run our facilities. Our machineries meet the highest standards of the food industry and also the traditional Canadian standards that stand for safer and better quality from all aspects.

Our facilities are run, maintained and monitored by professionals with years of experience in the industry. Frequent supervised testing and controlled challenges are of our highest priorities to ensure the health of our machines and facilities. Our doors are open 24/7 to all food inspection agencies of the Canadian ministry of health for inspections.